‘The Far Sighted’

The Far Sighted – The Novelettes of T. E. Mark

[Published 13 Sep 2018]

The Novelettes of T.E. Mark contains five imaginative, thought-provoking The Far Sighted_Front_Newstories written by a fine contemporary storyteller.

Each is unique, profound and richly thematic.

A man who wants his wife to think more like him thus has her brain remapped mirroring his own.

The government’s attempts to exploit a gifted boy who can see through the eyes of others.

A man given an unsympathetic choice: die within a week or relive his life without his beloved wife and children.

An idealistic journalist who tries to educate the lower classes about their world but finds himself joining them and learning the truth about his own.

These are world-class stories written by a writer with a searching imagination and gift for making relevant statements in everything he writes.


[The Hard Sci-Fi Collection]