During a voyage to their new school, two highly intelligent teens, witness a mysterious transmission to an alien world in a spiral galaxy, identical to their own.Tethys Galactic Twins -Preview - Replacement

After observing the transmission, they find themselves at the centre of a planet-wide cover up.

Their further investigations will award them the knowledge, that their planet, Tethys, is coming to an end, and the Governing powers will stop at nothing to keep that knowledge from the public.

Their very survival depends on their ability to adapt to the adult world of corruption, deceit, and manipulation.

This is the opening installment of a timely, and provocative four-part series, guaranteed to make you think, while you anxiously await the next book in the series.

YA – Young Adult to Adult



Their planet is dying, the atmosphere is degrading faster than expected, and those in high places are making desperate decisions.

Tethys 'Planetary Exchange'For Pur and Al, the newest interns of the planet’s Science Administration, the intrigue, and peril of their earlier adventures appear over, but they have, in fact, just begun!

In episode two of the Tethys saga, our young interns find themselves drawn even deeper into the politics of power and corruption, and eventually into a civil war, that threatens to rip their united world, and their lives apart.

Their survival will rest on their own instincts, the devotion of their beloved tutor, and a highly unexpected ally.

YA – Young Adult to Adult


When Pur and Al are forced to flee Tethys for Earth, they find themselves adapting to the life of normal Earthlings.

They attend school, Pur studies music at the San Francisco Conservatory, and Al is allowed Tethys - Caught Between Worldsto train as a pilot with the United States Air Force.

On the surface, all seems well for the two intergalactic refugees, until they find they are being sequestered and denied access to Earth media, news, technologies, typical events, entertainment, and friends.

When the news of their existence becomes known, they are coveted by many of Earth’s governments for the knowledge they possess. They become sought after fugitives on yet another world, and deeply embroiled in Earth politics.

This is the highly charged third installment of the TETHYS saga. The story is fast-paced, provocative, and shares a realistic insight, into how alien beings, in possession of advanced technology, would be coveted and exploited by our various governments, for the advantages they could gain.

YA – Young Adult to Adult

Tethys - Reflections - Preview


Look for installment four in 2017


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