‘TELEMON: The Sea of Pylanor’     Bk 2

Aramus and Procopia have been granted great powers. Greater powers than they or their divine mothers could ever have imagined.TELEMON_Pylanor_Front_Marketing

When they left for Tanis, the land of the Gods, their mothers warned them of the many dangers, and that they could find themselves in the middle of a very old battle.

Now, after crossing the great sea, it’s all coming true. They’ve defied the treaty, made fierce enemies, and are caught in a web spun by a master of deception.

To make their way home, Aramus must control his fears, harness his defiance, and ultimately face Pylanor, the mighty God of the sea.


‘TELEMON: The Immortals’   Bk 1

telemon_cover_front_2d_marketingTheir destinies have been intertwined since birth.

To reach Tanis and save their world from a cunning king and the ruling Patricians, Aramus and Procopia will need the help of the immortal Gods. Along the way, they will face many trials, a fierce battle, and for Aramus, his worst fear.