‘Saturn’s Offspring’

Elian Risling and Midori Satou have much in common. Much more than they could ever have imagined.Saturn's Offspring

As ambitious teens growing up on Titan in the early 25th century, the two share the desire to one day venture into space, to discover alien civilisations, and to uncover the

wonders of the Universe.

Their normal outlook, aspirations, and very existence changes when they are enlightened to a secret. Something that was planned for the day of their graduation.

‘The alien cultures of their dreams exist – but they needn’t travel into outer space to find them.’

This is a suspenseful story with many twists. The universe is not as it appears to our young adventuresome duo, and neither are most of the people around them.

The final chapters of this warm, but mysterious, tale, will leave you breathless, wondering who is who, and above all, who can be trusted.

Suitable for ALL Readers

[The Sci-Fi / Adventure Collection]

6 thoughts on “‘Saturn’s Offspring’”

  1. Hi Mark,
    I am delighted to share my poem with you. You have encourage me by your interest of my thoughts.
    I am someone that is smitten by love, I was married for twenty seven yrs. Then one day death came knowing to my door
    My husband died two years ago,,,, , loneliness and heart aches seems never to go way, he was my husband, my lover
    My friend

    ” My broken Heart”
    Time cannot heal my broken heart
    My tears kept falling like a river that has no end
    I keep looking for you on your side of the bed
    Then I realized you are not there..
    My arms is empty with out you
    I long for your kisses and your touch
    Two years have passed since you went away
    Every moment I breathe, my heart aches for you
    We share many happy moments together, we share
    Laughter and tears. Every moment we share, became
    Sweet memories for me.
    If only I had a wish, my wish would be, to have you in my arms
    To gase into your beautiful blue eyes, to kiss your warm lips
    To hear you say I love you,,, I am so lonely with out you
    Please be at peace my love,, be at peace. I love you then, and
    I love you now, I will love you forever, until the day
    I die

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Mark,
    Happy to hear from you. As usual you have given me many articles to read.And so much to look forward to.
    I am a country girl. I was born in the County of Essequibo, Pomeroon District, Guyana. My father was a farmer
    And a environmentalist. As a child I was raised to respect every living animals that lived in the bush, fishes in the river
    And the birds in the air, We live a simply life.Our house was built with wood, and the roof was made out of palm leaves.
    A river is near by also a creek. The two provides cool temperature to the home. In our farm , my dad cultivated fruits, , vegetables, coffee and oranges, coconuts etc. Our home had a lovely flower garden. He loved roses, hibiscus, and bluebells.
    My dad would pick roses to give to my mother,,, He would sing country songs to her, her eyes would light up, she had the most beautiful smile.lovely green eyes.,, I love them dearly.


  3. I am filled with joy hearing from you. Your writing is captivating, and modern. I enjoy reading and doing pencil art. I am not on facebook, But I will continue to read your story. I must say to you, I am honor knowing you. I wish to hear you play your violin some day. I wish for you to continue write your story, It is trilling and captivating, smooth yet exciting, every detail
    Is a acounted for. Thanks Mark,, god bless you.
    I will like to share with you a poem I write just yesterday.

    If I could fly
    My love if I could fly, I will your hands and place it on my wings.
    We will fly off to a far off distant land., among the stars that shines so bright.,
    Moon that glows, sun sleeps in the west. We will lie on blankets of clouds.
    Sweet music playing, drinking milk and honey, we will speak of love and
    Share love. My love if I could fly, I will give you the moon and the stars that
    Shines way up in the sky.You are my love, nothing will prevent me, from
    Fufilling your desires. You are my love, my life , my everything. Every breath I breathe
    Is for you. My greatest wish, I wish for you, If only I could fly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dearest Bella, your comment left me speechless, and your poem flows with such passion. I am indeed honoured by your supportive comments. Thank you for your thoughts and inspiration. I am sorry you are not on FaceBook. Perhaps drop me an email at mthomas-mark@lycos.com. I would like to hear more of your delightful poetry. TE Mark


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