This is the website / blog of Writer / Screenwriter – T. E. Mark

My site opens with a (hopefully) useful blog in which I explore various plot devices used in current and historic Science Fiction and Fantasy / Adventure books and films. These blog posts can benefit new or veteran authors wishing to use one of these devices in their current or next work.

I’ve thus titled my blog: Plot Devices for Sci-Fi / Fantasy Readers and Writers. As you explore, you’ll find a diverse selection of topics from Wormholes to Artificial Intelligence and from Teleportation to Time Travel.

In addition to my blog, I’ve included a selection of my published novels with installed links to various booksellers. By clicking on the book’s cover, you’ll be redirected to a vendor where you can purchase your selection. You’ll also find the synopsis, or dust-jacket blurb, for each book by clicking on the title in the main menu.

I hope you enjoy my site.

Visit often. I try to add a new blog post quarterly.


T. E. Mark – Writer / Screenwriter