Alina is lost in a land of irritable furniture, an angry King, and sarcastic trees. Where chocolate winged doves applaud her courage and the palace doors have commanded herAlina_Front_Marketing

to leave.

With an enchanted book and her closest friends, she is set to the task of restoring the peace to a once peaceful land.

This is a rich tale of friendship, adventure and love and the ultimate quest of a young girl to find herself and the peace, which according to her dearest friend, has an annoying habit of getting lost from time to time.

Suitable for ALL Readers

[The Fantasy / Adventure Collection]

5 thoughts on “‘Alina’”

    1. Hello Sabrena, thank you for your kind words. My books haven’t left AMAZON. I’m having the kindle versions
      reformatted as they were not formatted correctly when initially published. The paperbacks are still available
      and my newest book, ‘A Quiet Corner’ (Just published) is available in Kindle as of yesterday. It was professionally
      formatted. ‘The Last Pavanne’ and ‘Fractured Horizons’ will be in kindle soon. Thanks again. Sorry for the


    2. Hello Sabrena, Fractured Horizons: A Time Travel Odyssey is being converted now. Should be back at AMAZON, in Kindle format, shortly.
      Until then, if you would like to join as one of my BETA readers, write me at mthomasmark101@gmail.com and I’ll email
      you a pdf version.
      I would only ask that you write a brief (or long) review at AMAZON.
      Thanks again!


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