Featured Books

‘Love in the Time of Apocalypse’

When the sky is ripped by a commanding voice with the grim verdict that the Intergalactic Affairs Committee has declared the Earth unsalvageable and a danger to the universe, people shudder, shake and fall to their knees in prayer.

Love_Apocalypse_Front_MarketingBut not Perry Brambles, a cynical, opinionated journalist who is desperately trying to finish his copy for the morning news and can’t really be bothered by some ‘blithering pain in the ass omnipotent being from another galaxy, universe, dimension, or what-have-you.’

After voicing his comments, rather descriptively, he’s whisked away to another planet and tasked with guiding Earth’s cumulative leadership to a better understanding of their duties with hopes of saving the world from this damning decree.

And it will be here in space, and time and even space-time that Perry will regain his youth and favourite sweater. He’ll learn the truth about nature, and human nature, and all nature, really, and how, at the end of the day, what truly matters are peace, happiness, acceptance, children, love, and…. dusting.



Alina is lost in a land of irritable furniture, an angry King, and sarcastic trees. Where chocolate winged doves applaud her courage and the palace doors have commanded herAlina_Front_Marketing to leave.

With an enchanted book and her closest friends, she is set to the task of restoring the peace to a once peaceful land.

This is a rich tale of friendship, adventure and love and the ultimate quest of a young girl to find herself and the peace, which according to her dearest friend, has an annoying habit of getting lost from time to time.

‘...but then, why Mars really?’

When the entire Solar System has been turned into one vast, dangerously confused, putrid smelling outdoor potty, with each planet seeking new and inventive ways of closing its but-then-why-mars-really_front_marketingborders to immigrants, there seems but one answer.

Enlist an immigrant book vendor from Benar, often called Earth, but mainly by Earthlings, to fix things.

Trevor Hardly, an innocent bookseller from Midsomer Norton, after emigrating to Mars, will learn the true nature of the universe while he: mucks about in everyone’s politics, learns to dress up Earth’s literature, gets captured by Zorgs, who are pretty much like Scots, and falls in love with Penny – a romance novelist with blue hair and thoroughly clever tattoos from Canada who writes novels for house pets.

And then there’s NoNoon. Which used to be called Neptune until they did away with midday.

And Fahrahr. A funny sideways sort of planet called Uranus by everyone but the Fahrahrians.

This is an exciting little book guaranteed to capture your imagination with absolutely no intention of ever giving it back.



In the early 21st century, wearable AI devices became the rave, and the world was handed over to a network of awesomely intelligent computers called AHNN.

ahnn_ebook_2d(The acronym is quite rather irrelevant unless you buy the book.)

Mankind became very incomparably irrepressibly near hysterically smart.

All worldly problems quickly went away. Probably to someplace rather unworldly.

Now, in the 31st century, or 9th, depending on who you talk to, AHNN has pretty much had it with running the world and would like to give it back.


‘A Quiet Corner’

In the year 2306 even your thoughts may not be your own.

Simon Borealis, a natural telepath, has a quiet corner of his mind A Quiet Corner - Front Coverwhere he can think privately. This ability has made him important, and a danger to everyone.



‘Fractured Horizons:’ (Revised and Republished 30-Dec-2016)

Fractured Horizons_Front Cover

Imagine the world without atomic weapons. Can you picture it?

In this fanciful tale, a young English science student who dreams of following in the footsteps of his idol, Sir Isaac Newton, and changing the world, will indeed be awarded his opportunity. 

But first, he will need to learn a critical lesson: The responsibility of being a person of science. 

This is a clever, witty, and often sensitive story which should be read by everyone. It details the travels through space and time of Robert Davie, a boy from Somerset, England who will meet his scientific heroes, (Euclid, Galileo, Maxwell, Newton) and be shown three unique and catastrophic futures resulting from mankind’s possession of technology he wasn’t quite ready to control.

When Robert gets his chance to change the world, will he be ready? Will he make the right decision? Will he have learned enough from his journeys through time?

The twist at the end will have you laughing and cheering!






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