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The Far Sighted – The Novelettes of T. E. Mark

[Published 14 Sep 2018]

The Novelettes of T.E. Mark contains five clever, thought-provoking, and imaginative The Far Sighted_Front_Newstories written by the consummate 21st-century storyteller.

Each is unique, fresh, profound and richly thematic.

A man who wants his wife to think more like him thus has her brain remapped mirroring his own.

The government’s attempts to exploit a gifted boy who can see through the eyes of others.

A man given an unsympathetic choice: die within a week or relive his life without his beloved wife and children.

An idealistic journalist who tries to educate the lower classes about their world but finds himself joining them and learning the truth about his own.

These are world-class stories written by a writer with a searching imagination and gift

for making relevant statements in everything he writes.



The House of Seven Moons

[Published 01/Aug/2018]

The delicate balance of the Multi-Verse is again in peril. This time from a League of Seven Moons_Frontfanatics determined to extend their self-righteous morality throughout space and time to all inhabited worlds and a few rather quaint uninhabited ones too.

But they’ve overlooked a potential snag while devising their oh-so-abominable plan. They’ve garnered the attention of the omnipotent, the almighty, the incalculably clever and preposterously well-dressed Olgarb.

But even Olgarb will need help on this one. He’ll coax his old assistant Ralphgorn out of retirement. He’ll enlist Tracy, a randy dental Hygienist from Ganymede with breast issues. And he’ll buzz back in time to call upon his favourite Earth journalist, Perry Brambles, who is once again embroiled in marital problems.

With an all-star cast, mind-pulverizing action, heart palpitating suspense, disturbingly ordinary drama, nerve-numbing romance and hot steamy sex, The House of Seven Moons will have you laughing and panting and chirping like a sex-starved sparrow on holiday in Spain, Bermuda or on good old Rigel VII.





In 2419, the world is divided between humans and drones – synthetic beings indistinguishable from their human creators.

Ice Black_Spec_Cover_1B_FrontDrone corporations are more profitable and efficient. Their government is more stable and respected. There is no crime, and there is no poverty.

Humans, unable to compete, face a detestable inevitability – becoming a subservient underclass to the race of beings they created.

Peter Frost is an independent contractor – a corporate thief. He and his team have been commissioned by the human Directorate to steal something from the drones. Something vital to their plan for world supremacy.


But before he can steal it, Frost must do two things. He must find out where it is, and he must find out what it is.



Love in the Time of Apocalypse

Perry will learn the true meaning of life, love, intergalactic politics and dusting in this wildly imaginative Romantic Comedy set in space.Love_Apocalypse_Front_New

In at least three universes and four richly diverse dimensions, the formerly cranky journalist will be tasked with, among other things, saving the Earth and countless other planets from annihilation.

While traversing the cosmos, he’ll meet Moncia, his Yr 7 physics teacher, fall in love and have a family.

He’ll take a road trip to Vitellius-3 Gamma, a post-apocalyptic world, where he’ll meet Truly, an absorbing girl with a sparkling wit and a penchant for housekeeping.

The humour is constant, often exceeding the legal limit in some regions of the Multi-Verse, but buried within, are several important messages. And if one reads deeply enough, they’ll uncover a finely crafted, meaningful and touching story about life and acceptance of those we choose to love.



No Way Out

In 2018, advancements in computer science took machine intelligence to a new level. No Way Out_FrontMan could upload his consciousness, thoughts and memories, into learning computers and travel in wireless networks.

By 2020, one final hurdle existed. The breaking down of a biological organism into data allowing it to live inside artificial, computer-generated environments. This process was called trans-materialisation and was achieved in 2022 by a brilliant MIT student working for the CIA.

His name was Stephen Cameron.

This is the story of the chaos that followed and how, in 2025, Jason Ghent, a gamer and NSA whistleblower, and Anggie Saad, a hacker on her way to prison, were enlisted to wrest control from Cameron the secret world surveillance project he engineered and administered called iSAP.




In the early 21st century, in an effort to increase human productivity, science granted mankind wearable AI headsets.

AHNN_New_Spec_FrontBy 2o16, these early versions were cast aside and replaced with more reliable, Nano-sized, implantable devices tuned to human thought.

Infants received their implants at birth. Total human connectivity was achieved in March of 2201.

Governments, militaries and schools were abolished, and the world was handed over to a network of intelligent computers called AHNN.

Now in the 31st century, or 9th, depending on who you talk to, AHNN has pretty much had it with running the world and has decided to give it back.

This is AHNN’s story.



The Edge of Light

[Fall 2018]

From a young girl’s struggles in modern-day England to her plight as a Goddess during the fall of the Persian Empire, this novel, a modern fantasy written in poetic verse, is guaranteed to please all.The Edge of Light_Spec_Cover

A charming tale of historic battles and magic swords and of a Persian Girl’s search, throughout time, for the boy of her dreams.

A careful mix of poetry and prose.

Suitable for all ages.







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