Life may be different than the way we perceive it. In many ways, it should be different.
This is why I write.

T.E. Mark


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I’ve spent the majority of my life playing music, (Mainly the Violin) teaching and telling stories. My literary interests are diverse. I read basically anything I can get my hands on and do so omnivorously. (No one should ever leave the house without a book!)

You’ll find this diversity woven into many of my stories. I quite regularly, and eagerly, without remorse, scratch out a poem or two or three, sometimes more, and include them in a pure Science Fiction or Fantasy / Adventure novel. (I’m a huge fan of poetry, BTW, and maintain a dedicated website for my own pieces.) I’m also an avid historian who loves using historical names and events and quotes in my novels or even using ancient history as the main theme.

So how did I, a classically trained violinist, who studied music, history, literature and architecture in the UK and the US (Did I mention my 10-year flirtation with architecture and engineering? Maybe not.) wind up writing Science Fiction and Fantasy/Adventure novels?

Well, it started in Bath England where I wrote my first real novel ‘Fractured Horizons: A Time Travel Odyssey.’ The story, however, originally titled ‘The Uninventor,’ I wrote in a notebook with a ballpoint when I was twelve.

From there, my head spun with new stories I wanted to tell or old ones I wanted to tell again – this time to the world. I love weaving ideas into fanciful but meaningful stories and finding new ways to express myself in print. I believe I was born a writer. It just took a while for it to set in.

So, what about that opening quote, (It’s mine, by the way) about life being different than the way we perceive it?

There are two answers, really. One simple and the other rather complex.

For no justifiable reason, I’ll let you ponder the simple answer and give you the complex one:

We know so little of how our conscious minds churn visual, auditory and olfactory stimulus into what we call reality. And of our subconscious minds, we know even less.

I’ll presume here to pose a question: Are we convinced reality is universal? The same for everyone on the planet? The same for the beings we’ve yet encountered on other worlds? Or for beings living in space?

I wonder.

And, when I hazard to read the news of this reality state we’ve chosen to embrace as universal and unchangeable, I wonder more. And, without the ability to snap my fingers and end racial, ethnic, religious and socioeconomic bias, (to name a few) or stop senseless wars, or put an end to the unthinkable destruction of our planet (Yes, I am a tree-hugging environmentalist) I wonder even more.

And then, I write.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and books

T. E. Mark – Writer / Screenwriter


[Links to my sites]

https://mthomasmark.wordpress.com [Book, Film & Music Reviews]

https://temarkauthor.wordpress.com [Plot Devices for Sci-Fi / Fantasy Readers & Writers]

https://temarkurbanscratch.wordpress.com [Current issues presented in verse]

[Contact email]


3 thoughts on “About”

    1. Thank you, Emanuel.
      I have every intention of keeping it going.
      If you’re a writer, you may wish to check out my newest venture. The Urban Scratch Project.

      ‘Scratch’ is poetry. ‘Scratch’ is song lyrics. Scratch is something you’ve written in a journal or a love note to a girl.
      My Urban Scratch project is meant to inspire people, mainly the young, (teens through university age) to write. More importantly, to write in verse. T express themselves: Their likes and dislikes. Their anger and angst. Their heartache – their regrets.
      Check it out.
      And if you have something you’ve written, send it off and perhaps I’ll post it.

      Be well, stay tuned
      the best is yet to come.

      TE Mark – Author


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