Life may be different than the way we perceive it. In many ways, it should be different.
This is why I write. 

T.E. Mark – Writer / Screenwriter


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T. E. Mark is a Freelance Writer, Screenwriter and Violinist living in the United States. He was born in Bath Somerset where he lived for five years before coming to the US in 1981. He currently resides in San Francisco California.

Though best known for his fiction writing, he also crafts articles for national and international magazines such as DISCOVER, ET Energy and Home Power, and often writes on education issues for major US universities.

His full-length novels and shorter Novelettes display his thought-provoking visions of our potential future and blunt, often sarcastic views of our present state of affairs. His screenplays are strong and compelling and always leave you with questions.

In a recent Author Interview, Mark was asked: What three pieces of advice he would give to new writers? He responded:

  • “Never use words like phlegmatic in print unless your intent is to piss people off. There are better ways to impress. Design an office block or bridge or something cool like a solar power car or skyscraper.”


  • “If you don’t have anything to say, read other writers’ books until you do.”


  • “Practice. Read and write every day and never quit.”


Mark also reads and writes poetry – publishing a selection of his personal favourites at a website titled: The Urban Scratch Project. When asked ‘why’ during a 2018 book signing he offered this response:

Ray Bradbury

TE Mark has studied Music, Architecture and English in the United Kingdom and the United States. He’s a member of Writers International, The International Writers’ Guild and continues to write and teach the violin and viola from his Bay Area cooperative.

Tomas Anastio – Writer/Editor



[Links to Mark’s sites]

https://mthomasmark.wordpress.com [Book, Film & Music Reviews]

https://temarkauthor.wordpress.com [Plot Devices for Sci-Fi / Fantasy Writers]

https://temarkurbanscratch.wordpress.com [Current issues presented in verse]

[Contact email]


3 thoughts on “About”

    1. Thank you, Emanuel.
      I have every intention of keeping it going.
      If you’re a writer, you may wish to check out my newest venture. The Urban Scratch Project.

      ‘Scratch’ is poetry. ‘Scratch’ is song lyrics. Scratch is something you’ve written in a journal or a love note to a girl.
      My Urban Scratch project is meant to inspire people, mainly the young, (teens through university age) to write. More importantly, to write in verse. T express themselves: Their likes and dislikes. Their anger and angst. Their heartache – their regrets.
      Check it out.
      And if you have something you’ve written, send it off and perhaps I’ll post it.

      Be well, stay tuned
      the best is yet to come.

      TE Mark – Author


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