‘A Quiet Corner’

In the 24th century, the Solar System is under martial law. There is no privacy, and personal freedom is but an illusion.a-quiet-corner_ebook_cover

Simon Borealis, a 17-year-old from Europa, is on a mission in a world where words, actions, and thoughts are monitored, and often controlled.

He’s angry, remote, arrogant, and has been recruited for his special gift. Simon is a natural telepath



4 thoughts on “‘A Quiet Corner’”

  1. Hello T.E.!

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    1. Hello, Patti.
      I am very interested in having my books listed at your store. I will peruse your web-link momentarily.
      Thanks for the contact.


  2. As usual you have once again capture my attention. Every one of your book different one from the other.
    Your unique style of writing, is beautiful, easy to understand. I wish for everyone gets the opportunity to own one of your
    Books, or read one,,, , thanks ,, T.E.Mark, ,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Bella. I’m truly pleased you enjoy my work. I do try for a different style
      each time I write. I’m glad you liked ‘A Quiet Corner.’ This one took quite a while to complete. It has a more complicated
      plot and deeper characters than in my earlier books. I was digging deeper and exploring character evolution
      within this mind-bending adventure. I believe I reached it. I hope so, anyway.
      Thanks again!


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