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This is a very deep concept. The physics involved is not only ARCANE, it’s insanely ARCANE. And, as I have your attention to this point, and since I’d sincerely like to keep it, let’s begin by listing the problems with those elusive particles, or excuse me, anti-particles, we call, Anti-Matter. (I’ll also attempt to offer vaguely coherent solutions.)

Problem                                                              Vaguely Coherent Solution (VCS)

Antimatter is extremely difficult, and thus very expensive to produce. Award the contract to Wall-Mart. Within a brief time, they’ll have it in anti-containers, with anti-labels, stocked on anti-shelves at amazingly anti-high prices.
Every anti-matter particle has a matter twin. ie electrons / anti-electrons, protons / anti-protons, etc. Once they meet – immediate annihilation. Create antimatter containers, for anti-matter particles, that prohibit the mingling of these particles with their twins. (Cruel, but necessary)
Antimatter, if created in vast quantities, could fall into the hands of anti-terrorists. Develop an anti-homeland security division, if they haven’t already, to deal with this.

Now that we’ve solved the basic problems with Anti-matter, I’d like to ask that you really stretch your imagination, so I can delve deeper into the problems, and the possible value of antimatter research.

First, a little history:

According to Paul Dirac, he’s the guy who, in 1928, if you can imagine that, first predicted the existence of the anti-electron, or positron, which ultimately led to the theory, that all particles, you know, (protons, neutrons, Miley Cyrus outfits, etc) have mirrored particles we call, anti-particles.

This, of course, led to waves of debate, and a deluge of really cool images, like:

  1. Antimatter worlds. (Don’t scoff, we live in a world where same-sex couples, have to deal with creepy, recalcitrant, Kentucky clerks for a legal marriage license, but, documented nut-cases can pick up an assault rifle, at a local flea market, on the way to the movies.)
  2. Anti-people. (This one lends itself too easily to humour, so I’ll let it go – for now!)
  3. Antimatter fuelled space ships. (Great fodder for Sci-Fi writers – I hope you’re taking notes)
  4. Antimatter weapons. (Boy, killed this debate in a quick, didn’t I?)

As my interest with these articles, is to be enlightening, provide ideas to other writers, have fun, amuse, and be brief, I would like to use the remaining time, to cover just a few details, I feel would lend themselves to good use in Science Fiction writing.

Anti-matter worlds: In the early universe, supposedly, there were equal amounts of matter and anti-matter, but nobody seems to have a clue as to where all that antimatter went. (Maybe, it’s still here. Maybe we just can’t see it, or, perhaps that’s where we go when we dream.)

Anti-people: Besides the fact that many politicians, reality TV stars, and an irrepressibly obtuse relative of mine, may fit this description, since we are all made of matter particles, logically, we should all have an anti-self out there – somewhere. (Just as I was writing this one, I had several really cool plots race through my mind, or, was that through my anti-mind? How would I know? Maybe thoughts themselves are anti-matter. Whoa! Ever have an anti-thought?)

Anti-matter fuelled space ships: This one is guaranteed to supply the Sci-Fi writer, who is desperately searching for a way to conquer inter-galactic space voyages, in one of their stories. I don’t feel the need to expound here.

Anti-matter weapons: As a confirmed pacifist, anti-nukes, anti-guns, anti-war, anti-killing, etc. I can only see one possible bright spot here. And even I admit difficulty with the implications of this one.

Some theoretical physicists consider anti-matter, simply matter moving backwards in time. If this theory prevails, an anti-matter weapon, would, for all intents and purposes, be useless, as the destruction it would have caused, if deployed, would already have been undone before it was unleashed – fired – dropped – or what-have-you. (Were you able to follow that? Read it again. If that still doesn’t work, read it backwards.)

 To sum up:

Whether to uncover alternate universes, realities, fuel sources, or detestable, loathsome weaponry, the anti-matter quest is a fine addition to the Science Fiction writer’s tool box. The idea of an anti-matter world, where your anti-self, is at this very moment, reading my anti-blog post, is supremely stimulating – and great material for a fresh manuscript.

One Caveat:

There is a fundamental law of physics, known as the Principle of the Conservation of Mass. This law states, unequivocally, that mass can neither be created nor can it be destroyed. It can only change states.

No one, to my knowledge, argues with this principle, at least nobody I know to be psychologically stable. With that said, if we have been able to create anti-matter, and it finds its twin here in our matter-stable universe, and they are annihilated, well, hasn’t our universe just lost a bit of that matter? Have we not just defied that long-standing, uncontested conservation law? And if we have, will there be a price to pay?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my newest post, and have extracted from it something useful for your next Sci-Fi story.

Parting thought: (The premise of my newest Sci-Fi novel) If we are indeed visiting an anti-matter world when we dream, then maybe, we’re dreaming now, comfortably sleeping, in our anti-beds, awaiting our anti-alarm clocks, to summon us to prepare for an anti-Monday, and yet another anti-week. (How would we know? Perhaps, we, and our perceived universe, are actually comprised of anti-matter, and our dreams are whisking us off to a world of matter.)

I’ve specifically enjoyed writing this issue of my PLOT DEVICES FOR SCI-FI / FANTASY READERS AND WRITERS, and hope you’ve been at least modestly, if not entirely, enriched, intrigued and entertained.

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T.E. Mark

T.E. Mark is a Science Writer, Author, Language Teacher and Violinist. He has written novels for Young and Adult Readers and continues to write science articles for national and international magazines.

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    I just decided to travel through your blogs. I am fascinated by your writing. Every word comes alive. I am not a writer, but I do express my thoughts on paper. I am somewhat romantic. I love to be in love, but where their is love, sometimes their is lust.Love is powerful, not powerful enough to prevent heartache. What is love? It is an emotion that two people share in ecstacy, , driving their bodies to,, a climax.


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